Marx’s Critique of Political Economy

The contribution of Marx and Engels is essential to an understanding of a libertarian communist politics. It is a tool for the working class to critique capitalism, and to analyse class composition for future struggles. Here are the pdfs available of his major works, (Michael Heinrich’s introduction is a good place to start):




Marx – Dispatches for the New York Tribune

Capital – (Penguin Classics) Volume II

Capital – (Penguin Classics) Volume III




marx value price profit

marx wage labor and capital



Theories of Surplus Value – karl Marx

Anti-Colonialism and Black Liberation

In the struggle against Capitalism, church and state, colonialism and racism are essential in maintaining class hierarchies. Racism is used by these bourgeois institutions as a social control mechanism. This divides the working class and proletariat along lines of skin colour, with the supposed civilisational hierarchies of the European elites. Today people of colour and indigenous people remain largely margininalised and poor in the Global North and the Global South. The concept of whiteness itself, is based on false cultural and class unity of European people. Here are some useful pdfs on this struggle:

The Black Radical Tradition_0




Anarchism and the Black Revolution – Lorenzo komboa Ervin


beyondresistance subcomandante Marcos


Detroit I do mind dying – Dan Georgakas & Marvin Surkin



TheSoulsofBlackFolk DuBois


zig zag defend-the-territory-pdf-zine1

Zig Zag colonization-decolonization

Women, Feminism and Sexuality

In the struggle against the bourgeoisie, it is essential to address the power relations and imbalances between genders and sexualities. Under Capitalism, the Patriarchal family serves an important role in reproducing wage labour and providing emotional labour. This is essential to the reproduction of the nuclear family and the maintenance of the workers ability to perform paid labour. Here are some good texts on socialist feminism and sexuality, from both Marxist and Anarchist perspectives:

Ackelsberg – Free Women of Spain – Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women

Caliban and the Witch

Communist Interventions_Revolutionary Feminism_vol_three_2_01_0

Dalla Costa and Selma James – Women and the Subversion of the Community


Nina Power – One Dimensional Woman

Selma James sex-race-class-2012imp


Australian class and labour history

Here are some documents on the Australian labour movement and class history. These help us both in knowing where we are now, where we have come from and where we are going as a class.

R W Connell & T H Irving Class Structure in Australian History preface & 1-264 part 1

R W Connell & T H Irving Class Structure In Australian History pg 264-525 part 2

The Eureaka Stockade – Raffaello Carboni

Ian Turner, In Union Is Strength, A history of Trade Unions 20161205_12304807

Leonie Sandercook new ch 10 in Ian Turner In Union Is Strength

Bob James – A Reader of Australian Anarchism 1886-1896

J A Andrews – A Handbook of Anarchy 1894

J A Andrews – Bob James ed Intro – TheHandbookOfAnarchy

Bob James-JA_Andrews Biography

Bob James-Chummy_Fleming-Biography

Bob James – Larry Petrie Biography

Dawn-to-Dusk-E-H-Lane Shape 1993 edition

Gordon Childe – How Labour Governs

Gordon V Childe, How Labour Governs

Ian Turner – Industrial Labour and Politics – The Labour Movement in Eastern Australia 1900-1921

Humphrey McQueen, A New Britannia 2004

Verity Burgmann Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, IWW in Au

Sydney’s Burning – Ian Turner

Robin Gollan – Revolutionaries and Reformists – Communism and the Australian Labour Movement 1920-1955

Queensland Mt Isa Miners strike – Solidarity

Jack Hutson ALR Workers Control 1969

Bernie Taft ALR Communists and Workers Control 1969

ALR Symposium – Workers Control 1973


Frank Stilwell The Accord and Beyond

Australia in Accord edited by and with Various authors

Peter Kropotkin’s writings

Here are the writings of the great communist anarchist Peter Kropotkin. They have inspired many generations of people seeking freedom from tyranny. Ak press have a good anthology, called ‘Direct Struggle Against Capital‘, (, also well worth a read. ‘The Conquest of Bread‘, ‘Words Of A Rebel‘ and ‘Revolutionary Pamphlets‘ are a great place to start:


Peter Kropotkin – Words of a Rebel

Kropotkin – Kropotkin’s Revolutionary Pamphlets – A Collection of Writings by Peter Kropotkin







Peter Kropotkin – In Russian and French Prisons


Errico Malatesta’s writings

Here are the writings of the strategist and tactician, Errico Malatesta. A friend of Bakunin in his youth and a theorist in his own right. His writing has inspired many generations of Anarchists, being particularly good for popular agitation:

Errico Malatesta The Method of Freedom reader

Malatesta – Life and Ideas

Malatesta – The Anarchist Revolution

Errico Malatesta – Fra Contadini




Errico Malatesta – Vote what for

Mikhail Bakunin’s writings

Here are the writings of Mikhail Bakunin. He was the founder of the international anarchist movement during the first socialist international. Bakunin’s writings are foundational in terms of anarchist thinking concerning organisation, critique and strategy:

Michael Bakunin – Selected Writings


Guy Aldred – Bakunin’s Writings

Bakunin – God and the State


Bakunin on Anarchy (1971)


Mikhail Bakunin – Statism and Anarchy