Errico Malatesta’s writings

Here are the writings of the strategist and tactician, Errico Malatesta, friend of Bakunin in his youth and a theorist in his own right. His writing has inspired many generations of anarchists, being particularly good for popular agitation:

Errico Malatesta The Method of Freedom reader

Malatesta – Life and Ideas

Malatesta – The Anarchist Revolution

Errico Malatesta – Fra Contadini




Errico Malatesta – Vote what for

Mikhail Bakunin’s writings

Here are the writings of Mikhail Bakunin. He was the founder of the international anarchist movement during the first socialist international. Bakunin’s writings are foundational in terms of anarchist thinking concerning organisation, critique and strategy:

Michael Bakunin – Selected Writings


Guy Aldred – Bakunin’s Writings

Bakunin – God and the State


Bakunin on Anarchy (1971)


Mikhail Bakunin – Statism and Anarchy

Which Side Are You On blog

This blog will provide information through pdf documents and blog posts regarding the class struggle, the waging of social war against privilege.  It is for abolishing hierarchy in human society.

Restoring harmony and balance to social life is the goal. Social revolution is the means.

Down with Religion

Down with Property

Down with Government

Long Live Anarchy!