This blog will provide information through pdf documents and blog posts regarding the class struggle, and the waging of the social war against privilege. The posts are a pdf library of general knowledge and articles and essays important revolutionary subjects. The goal is to propagate Anarchist Communism, Syndicalism and Libertarian Marxism in Brisbane’s workplaces and communities. It is for the abolition of hierarchy in human society, to restore harmony and balance to social life the goal, social revolution, the means.

For social revolution which despite the clarion call of boss, preist and politician, is the only way out of the ills of our social misery. For the organisation of working people and working class communities. For a new revolutionary syndicalism. For  the organisation of trades and industries, to conduct local direct action, like strikes, sabotage, riots, blockades, occupations and boycotts against the trinity of authority. For the formation of local action commitees in the neighborhoods and workplaces subject to general assemblies. For the formation of Workers Councils and Communes. For the imperative mandate, with instructioned, recallable and rotatated delegates!


For organisation focused on economic pressure, to be supported by revolutionaries, organised to go to the masses, to live and fight their struggle and help guide and organise the revolution. Also against the two dead ends, liberal, reformist inclined social democracy or tyrannically inclined jacobonist leninism. For class solidarity on issues of race, gender and sexuality. For the increase of pressure on hierarchical institutions, so when we are strong enough, to bring foward, through thousands of local insurrections and strikes, the final struggle!


Down with Capitalism which exploits and robs the workers of the means of subsistence, creates economic injustice and chaos and expropriates the majority of the fruits of workers labour through surplus value. Expropriation, a whole world for sale, advertising, for profit media and an economy always on the brink of the bankers financial crisis. Always with panic, alienation and misery!

Down with Government which regulates with violent laws and decrees, bureaucratic institutions, wide ranging regulations, inspectors, petty bureaucrats, unequal taxation, police, prisons, armies, wars and universal misery, the freedom of the workers. To be governed without consent, while petulant, money grubbing, donations dependant politicians lie and cheat the workers. All the while protecting the propertied!

Down with The Church which as the historic sister institution to the state, imposes its own bigoted version of morality, against women and queer communities. Preaching subservience to authority, love for the boss and politician, nonviolence at all costs, self-defence last. It exploits the poorest working people through ‘charity’ and the sicophantic benevolance of NGOs, weakoning the workers minds and spirit, for resistance!

For Self-management by working class ownership over the means of production, through workers local, direct control, assemblies of true citizens. Deciding together, how to produce, what to produce, what to do with the goods and services. All through the free federation workers associations, of streets, neighbourhoods and self-managed communes on the municipal level!

For Free Federation from below upwards, the centre to the periphery, bassed on free association, free contract of the communes. Solidarity at local, regional, national, international levels. Economic federation, for an end to class societies, the universal human community and all with self-management and the Imperative Mandate, instructions, recall and rotation of delegates!

For Solidarity in the economy based the principle, ‘from of each according to their abilities and to each according to their needs’. For the rational combination of agriculture and industry, brain and manual work and widespread scientific education. For all things in Common, for local planning, the abolition of money and markets!

Long Live Anarchy and Communism!