This blog is for the abolition of oppression in human society, by the means of social revolution. It will provide information through reading lists and blog posts about the class struggle. The posts are a library of reading lists, articles and essays on important revolutionary subjects.

The goal is to propagate Left Communism and Revolutionary Unionism in Brisbane’s workplaces, neighbourhoods and schools. The goal of these essays and projects is to build the capacity for a workers political organisation based on local workplace, neighbourhood and school groups. These groups would work towards forming workers political committees in these places. The methodology of the essays aims to be historically materialist. It is for the abolition of oppression in human society, by the means of social revolution.

The method to achieve this revolutionary form of organising is that of workers inquiry, which uses the method of Italian Workerism and Autonomism to guide workers towards the principle of co-research. This was practised by Romano Alquati as well as Mario Tronti and Antonio Negri, where workers lead in the production of knowledge along with militant intellectuals.

To do this, this blog will look at the material conditions of society and how life is reproduced. It will look at the contradictions of class society. Also, that within these contradictions there is the chance for communism. It will look at the social relationships of class society and how they are organised. Also, it is essential to understand how the world of work is organised under capitalism and past class societies.

For social revolution which, despite the oppression of the bourgeoisie is, the only way to achieve human freedom.

  • For the organisation of working people and working class communities.
  • For a new revolutionary unionism.
  • For the creation of rank-and-file networks in the industries and solidarity networks both in a specific territory.
  • For the organisation of the industries, to conduct local direct action, like strikes, sabotage, riots, blockades, occupations and boycotts against the oppression of the bourgeoisie.
  • For the formation of local committees in workplaces, neighbourhoods and schools, subject to general assemblies.
  • For the formation of Workers Councils and Communes.
  • We must have the imperative mandate, with delegates operating from instructions, being recallable and rotated, not more bureaucracy.

We must have organisation focused on class struggle, to be supported by revolutionaries.

  • We must then get organised and to go to the workers, to live and fight their struggle and help, guide and struggle with workers towards revolution.
  • For class solidarity on issues of race, gender and sexuality.
  • For the increase of pressure on bourgeois institutions, so when the class is strong enough, we can bring forward, through thousands of local, regional, national and international insurrections and strikes, the final struggle.

We are against Capitalism which exploits the workers by expropriating the majority of the fruits of their labour through surplus value.

  • This is done through the expropriation of working class labour at the point of social production and reproduction, competition and a world dominated by the commodity form.
  • Through lowering wages to bare subsistence levels, extracting surplus value from workers and ensuring the adequate circulation for capital, the bourgeoisie aims to keep this machine running at the expense of the working class.
  • Capital is vampire like; it sucks the life out of the working class to enrich the bourgeoisie. We must, through the class struggle and the contradictions of capital, abolish class society forever.

Against The State which with laws and decrees; bureaucratic institutions, wide ranging regulations, inspectors, petty bureaucrats, unequal taxation, police, prisons, armies, wars and despotism, checks and regulates the working class.

  • To be governed without their consent, while petulant, donations dependant bourgeois politicians exploit the workers.
  • This apparatus of social control and direct force destroys and undermines working class solidarity and engages in economic rationalisation and class counter-attack against our cycles of struggles.
  • The State then protects private property, the value form and profits of the bourgeoisie through force.

Against Bureaucracy which imposes its own social control on the working class in defence of the bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeoisie.

  • Through the bureaucracy of private and public institutions in civil society and the State, bureaucracy regulates the working class.
  • The middle-class manages the bureaucracy and staffs it with increasingly impoverished university educated, white collar workers.
  • Through a process of Neoliberal rationalisation immiseration, casualisation and the destruction of secure work are the result.
  • The poorest workers are exploited by the bureaucracy through ‘charity’ and the supposedly benevolent NGOs. They provide the cannon fodder for capitalist hyperexploitation.

For Self-management by working class ownership over the means of production.

  • Through workers control, workers committees and local assemblies.
  • Deciding together, how to produce, what to produce, what to do with the goods and services.
  • All through the workers councils, neighbourhoods and school sections of the communes on the municipal level.

For Federation from below upwards, the centre to the periphery, based on freedom of the councils and communes.

  • Solidarity at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • For the universal human community and the Imperative Mandate, of instructions, recall and rotation of delegates!

For Solidarity in the economy based the principle, ‘from of each according to their abilities and to each according to their needs’. 

  • For the combination of agriculture and industry, brain and manual work and widespread scientific education.
  • For all things in Common, for local planning, and the abolition of money and markets.

For Communism!