The Italian Autonomist movement

The Italian revolutionary movement is another important moment to study. From the early 1960s, to the hot autumn of 1969, to the ‘Autonomia‘ of the 1970s the struggle raged in Italy. This was part of the larger wave of working class revolt sweeping across Europe in Paris 1968, leading to the breakup of the Keynesian economic consensus.

For the Italian ‘Workerists‘ and later ‘Autonomia‘, this was a time of great experimentation and lively working class social movements. These movements rocked the foundations of Italian society. The theoretical and practical experiments provide a framework for some of the challenges we face, in a time of class recomposition and ruling class attack. The insights they provide are deeply valuable to all Libertarian Communists:

States-of-emergency Robert Lumley

Italy1977-8-Red Notes


Autonomia – Post-Political Politics (reduced)

Emilio Mentasti – The Magneti Marelli Workers Committee – The Red Guard Tells Its Story

Wright S – Storming Heaven – Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism OCR

Panzieri, Sohn-Rethel, Palloix, Bologna, Tronti- The Labour Process & Class Strategies

Antonio Negri – Books For Burning

Paulo Virno – Grammar of the Multitude

Antonio Negri & Michael Hardt – Empire

Antonio Negri & Michael Hardt – Multitude

Antonio Negri & Michael Hardt – Commonwealth

George Caffentzis – In Letters of Blood and Fire


Midnight Notes Collective – Promissory Notes 2009


Sojourner Truth Organization – Workplace Papers

Sojourner Truth Organization – Shop Leaflets

John Holloway- Change the world without taking power

John Holloway – Crack Capitalism


Franco ”Bifo” Berardi – The Soul at Work From Alienation to Autonomy


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