Anti-Colonialism and Black Liberation

In the struggle against Capitalism, church and state, colonialism and racism are essential in maintaining class hierarchies. Racism is used by these bourgeois institutions as a social control mechanism. This divides the working class and proletariat along lines of skin colour, with the supposed civilisational hierarchies of the European elites. Today, people of colour and Indigenous people remain largely margininalised and poor in the Global North and the Global South. The concept of whiteness, itself, is based on false cultural and class unity of European people. Here are some useful pdfs on this struggle:

The Black Radical Tradition_0




Anarchism and the Black Revolution – Lorenzo komboa Ervin



beyondresistance subcomandante Marcos


Detroit I do mind dying – Dan Georgakas & Marvin Surkin



TheSoulsofBlackFolk DuBois

W E Dubois – Black Reconstruction

Walter Rodney-How Europe Underdeveloped Africa-Howard University Press (1981)


zig zag defend-the-territory-pdf-zine1

Zig Zag colonization-decolonization

Women, Feminism and Sexuality

In the struggle against the bourgeoisie, it is essential to address the power relations and imbalances between genders and sexualities. Under Capitalism, the Patriarchal family serves an important role in reproducing wage labour and providing emotional labour. This is essential to the reproduction of the nuclear family and the maintenance of the workers’ ability to perform paid labour. Here are some good texts on socialist feminism and sexuality, from both Marxist and Anarchist perspectives:

Ackelsberg – Free Women of Spain – Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women

Caliban and the Witch

Communist Interventions_Revolutionary Feminism_vol_three_2_01_0

Dalla Costa and Selma James – Women and the Subversion of the Community


Nina Power – One Dimensional Woman

Selma James sex-race-class-2012imp