Australian class and labour history

Here are some documents on the Australian labour movement and class history. These help us in knowing where we are now, where we have come from and where we are going as a class.

R W Connell & T H Irving Class Structure in Australian History preface & 1-264 part 1

R W Connell & T H Irving Class Structure In Australian History pg 264-525 part 2

The Eureaka Stockade – Raffaello Carboni

Ian Turner, In Union Is Strength, A history of Trade Unions 20161205_12304807

Leonie Sandercook new ch 10 in Ian Turner In Union Is Strength

Bob James – A Reader of Australian Anarchism 1886-1896

J A Andrews – A Handbook of Anarchy 1894

J A Andrews – Bob James ed Intro – TheHandbookOfAnarchy

Bob James-JA_Andrews Biography

Bob James-Chummy_Fleming-Biography

Bob James – Larry Petrie Biography

Dawn-to-Dusk-E-H-Lane Shape 1993 edition

Gordon Childe – How Labour Governs

Gordon V Childe, How Labour Governs

Ian Turner – Industrial Labour and Politics – The Labour Movement in Eastern Australia 1900-1921

Humphrey McQueen, A New Britannia 2004

Verity Burgmann Revolutionary Industrial Unionism, IWW in Au

Sydney’s Burning – Ian Turner

Robin Gollan – Revolutionaries and Reformists – Communism and the Australian Labour Movement 1920-1955

Queensland Mt Isa Miners strike – Solidarity

Jack Hutson ALR Workers Control 1969

Bernie Taft ALR Communists and Workers Control 1969

ALR Symposium – Workers Control 1973


Frank Stilwell The Accord and Beyond

Australia in Accord edited by and with Various authors

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