Anarchosyndicalism, the Russian and the Spanish revolutions

Here are some selected writings on anarchosyndicalism, the Russian revolution and the Spanish Revolution. The ideas and organisation practised by the anarchosyndicalist movement are vital to consider in the struggle for working class liberation. The two revolutions were two pivotal events in the global syndicalist union movement. They give ideas for new forms of struggle in Brisbane today:

The First Socialist Schism, Bakunin vs. Marx in the International Working Men_s Association – Wolfgang Eckhardt


A History Of Anarcho Syndicalism selfed

Anarcho syndicalism short version Rudolph Rocker



Damier-Anarcho Syndicalism in 20th century -A4

Fighting For Ourselves

murray bookchin – to remember spain [the anarchist and syndicalist revolution of 1936]

Murray Bookchin, The Spanish Anarchists-The heroic years, 1868-1936

Paz – Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

Political Parties – Robert Michels

Rocker – Anarcho-Syndicalism Theory and Practice


Strategy and Struggle, Anarchosydicalism In The 21st Century

The Program of Anarchosyndicalism – GP maximoff

Anarcho Syndicalism In Puerto Real, From Workplace Resistance To Community Control





We, the anarchists! A study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927-1937